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Horse Assisted Education International

The Worldwide HorseDream® Training Program



In a horse, reality and vision are uniquely connected. Learning with a horse requires one hundred percent concentration, presence and awareness. A horse is absolutely a real being. On the other hand, there has been a mythological connection with the horse for thousands of years – the horse itself is a legend, a dream, a vision. The HorseDream® concept unites reality and vision.


The individual horse embodies pride, strength, beauty, freedom, courage and energy just the same as it does sensitivity, caution, and the ever present readiness to flee. It is willing to serve humans and it does this both from the position of being dominated and through entirely voluntary participation. Apart from that, the horse herd conveys the feeling of protection and security, inclusiveness and cooperation as well as self confidence and contentedness.


The HorseDream® approach helps to create a new culture in the company.




In past centuries all leaders were trained with the help of horses. Working with horses fosters courage, strength, creativity and willingness to take risks, but at the same time also fosters a sense of responsibility, reliability, patience and determination.


“To be led” means to follow voluntarily. In its most pronounced form it should ensure the independence and willingness to take risks in moving forward in the direction the leader desires.


And the horse? Who does the horse follow? The horse follows a person precisely then, when they demonstrate self confidence, trustworthiness, clarity, credibility and are goal oriented.


As one of our participants put it, “To date I have read a lot about leadership, but today I felt what leadership is.” The horse directly mirrors a person’s outward manner of leading and their internal attitude. It helps us to recognize our strengths and weaknesses and sometimes it only takes a small self-correction for us to become more like our “real selves”.



Where people work together there are always issues that cost time and energy. These can be caused by external or internal factors. When teams are newly formed it takes some time to get rid of reservations and build trust.


Sometimes communication fails just because of misunderstandings, or because the connection doesn’t take place in a reasonable way, or perhaps because information has been exchanged before people have found the right approach to each other.


In the horse-assisted training’s learning environment, teams grow together in an extremely short period of time. In the two 4-hour sessions, they pass through so to speak, the four phases of the team development process (according to Tuckman): Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing – or, according to Christoph V. Haug: Test phase, Infighting phase, Organisational phase and Working phase.




The HorseDream® trainer program requires profound horse knowledge and good knowledge of the target market. You will not learn the basics. You will get to know the HorseDream® approach in working with corporate clients and horses in leadership seminars, team training, coaching and change management.


This approach is about cooperation, not about competing. We have created a worldwide community of Horse Assisted Educators who work together and support each other.


This approach has developed interest of companies, leaders, trainers and coaches for almost 20 years in Europe. We started to take it global with the EAHAE conference 2007. Today there are some 150 licensed HorseDream® partners worldwide.


So if you also want to gather very special know-how in very short time in the field of horse assisted education, equine guided education, equine assisted learning, or whatever you would call it, you are very welcome to join our HorseDream trainer workshops.


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