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HorseDream 2.0
Horse Assisted Personal And Professional Development

Learn How to Become a Horse Assisted Educator.
HorseDream® The Corporate Approach.

Horse Assisted Education International
The Worldwide HorseDream Trainer Program

This program requires profound horse knowledge and good knowledge of the target market. You will not learn the basics. You will get to know the HorseDream approach in working with corporate clients and horses in leadership seminars, team training, coaching and change management.

The HorseDream Approach is about cooperation, not about competing. We have created a worldwide community of Horse Assisted Educators who work together and support each other.

This approach has developed interest of companies, leaders, trainers and coaches for almost 20 years in Europe. We started to take it global with the EAHAE conference 2007. Today there are over 125 licensed HorseDream partners worldwide.

So if you also want to gather very special know-how in very short time in the field of horse assisted education, equine guided education, equine assisted learning, or whatever you would call it, you are very welcome to join our HorseDream Trainer Workshops.

We are about to implement the new license concept HorseDream 3.0, that means you can now become "HorseDream
Your Town", "HorseDream Your State/County", "HorseDream Your Country".  Please e-mail us for further information: gerhard.krebs@horsedream.com.



HorseDream 2.0 is the concept of the second generation. The one-day seminar "The art of leadership" is provided in many countries. What's exceptional: This concept works in every culture. We have been working in Northamerica and China. We have Licensed HorseDream Partners in Southamerica, Australia,   Russia, Kazakhstan and Indonesia.

In the HorseDream concept the horses are emotional bridges between people and in multi-cultural seminars they are even bridges between different cultures, religions and worldviews.
The concept is really powerful because it reduces leadership to the core. Just a few theory inputs, the rest is pure leadership and communication practice. It is a great alternative to the normal leadership seminars in classrooms.

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If you would like to get more insights, you should read Jude Jennison's book:

"Leadership Beyond Measure. Profound Learning With Horses To transform Leaders And Business."

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Customers and clients HorseDream and/or Licensed HorseDream Partners have been working for.

This is a business approach.
We provide seminars and team trainings for corporates only. We do not work with children, disabled, or traumatized clients. However, if you are qualified to do so, you may of course adapt our approach, if you wish..